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Co-retail is the sharing economy model for commercial places. We help actors develop and operate this new opportunity, to the benefit of consumers all over the world. 

No more boring retail!

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Co-retail made easy

For retail to be successful, it needs to be vibrant.

Vibrance occurs when actors with different expertise join forces and create something together. It is when everyone do what they do best that 1+1=3. 

Collaboration across silos is often hard. Co-X provides the juridical, financial, cultural and technical tools that enables you to transcend the boundaries and win in the new commercial landscape.


The Co-X way for
how to succeed
with co-retail


1. Brands own their products, sales and presentation all the way to consumer

2. Independent local talent provide service and personal customer experience

3. Property owners and place developers own and build attractive flexible sites

4. End consumers get served with unique and attractive multibrand retail

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